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CNN: Why liberalism will ultimately fail

Ja nyt siis puhutaan arvoliberalismista, ei talousliberalismista. Parhaita lainauksia + kommentointia:

With President Obama's reelection, many liberals believe they possess the building blocks of the winning political coalition of the future: college students, single women, gays, secularists, Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans. Liberals see here not a splintered electorate, but key constituencies united by a common agenda of economic and social justice.
Mistäpä on kaikki pienet sosiaaliliberaalit yhteiskunnat tehty: homoista, yh-äideistä, mamuista ja opintorahaa saavista opiskelijaradikaaleista.

Second, and more importantly, effective state intervention of the sort liberals propose depends almost entirely on a state that is strong economically and socially. It is here that liberalism falls short in the long term. The various liberal constituencies are in fact atomized groups of individuals who are relying on government, rather than creating the economic growth or fostering the social and civic health necessary to sustain the ideal liberal state.
Liberalismia vaativat ovat jo valmiiksi riippuvaisia valtiosta.

Whereas liberals see entitlements as the immediate response to economic injustice, many fail to realize that they alone cannot rebuild a middle class. In fact, they can have the opposite effect in the long term and insulate their recipients from upward mobility. With $16 trillion in national debt, an aging population, and an already-overburdened entitlement system, the ideal liberal social welfare state can only sustain itself for so long before it collapses under its own weight. It is a lifeline attached to a slowly sinking ship.
Tie helvettiin on kivetty hyvillä aikomuksilla jne...

The liberal coalition of the future looks more like Greece, an advanced secular, social welfare state...
Niinpä niin.

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